Quiver presents solutions that help brokers in business

Quiver was the company chosen to be the insurtech of the month in the sixth and final stage of the CQCS Innovation Latam, held this Thursday (11/19). Evandro Salles, CFO of the company, presented the solution that generates new business for the small and medium Broker.

Evandro started by thanking the opportunity to participate in the event and talking a little about what Quiver is. “Quiver is a recognized and traditional technology company, specific to the insurance market. We are, since 2008, thinking about the transformations ”, he started. “Our technologies must always be primarily about offering solutions, assisting management and facilitating the daily lives of our customers,” he said.

Then, the CFO displayed, in numbers, to exemplify leadership in the market. “We have 53,000 registered users; almost 6 million policies in the last 12 months; more than 29 years of experience; 38 terabytes of stored data volume; 4 million customers of all the solutions that Quiver represents, and 29.1 billion awards, in the last 12 months ”, he presented.

“This makes us feel and understand the responsibilities we have and the relevance we can have with insurers and brokers. We need to think about how to bring more value, more innovation, more technology, more ease and opportunity for our customers, ”he said.

Evandro also spoke about Quiver’s solutions, Quiver ON and QuiGo. “This year was special and strange. Many changes, and, that changed the way we work. Whether you are a broker, an insurance company or a customer, the world has changed. In addition to change, opportunities also arise. And, in the specific case of Quiver, we anticipate two launches ”, he started.

“Both solutions are for brokers. Quiver On, a solution developed specifically to help the Broker sell online. I like to think that the possibilities for small and medium Brokers give us the opportunity to support them. Whether by quotation, online forms, this opens up new opportunities ”, explained the CFO.

About QuiGo, Evandro said: “QuiGo specifically thought about the pandemic scenario, which will help in the reality of the small Insurance Broker. We know that medium and large companies have a very different reality from the small broker, ”he said.

Finally, the executive presented some Quiver differentials. “We don’t have to manually input data into the system; we have integration with more than 20 insurance companies; we have a simple and intuitive interface; 100% of automated processes; access can be done from the desktop and mobile device; storage can be done in the cloud; we have the best price on the market and an unlimited number of users ”, he concluded.

To learn more about Quiver, visit: https://www.quiver.net.br/

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