Pottencial Seguradora reaps results after turning pandemic into growth opportunity

Tatiana Mattar, director of new products at Pottencial Seguradora, was one of the speakers at the last stop of the CQCS Innovation Latam, which happened yesterday (19). The event closed a series of monthly meetings that has been taking place since June and brought together numerous personalities from the national and international insurance market.

“Our purpose is to provide peace of mind in unexpected moments, this has everything to do with the moment we are going through, we want to give peace of mind to our customers, brokers and employees”. That was how Tatiana started her presentation, explaining a little about the characteristics of the company in which she operates.

Pottencial Seguradora, according to the executive, is a Brazilian family company with over R $ 600 million in premiums and which celebrated 10 years of operation in May. The insurer is formed by a team of 240 employees and is the leader in the guarantee insurance market.

“We love our customers, they are the reason we exist, we are obsessed with increasing results, we seek innovation in the insurance market, we admire people who love challenges and embrace them”, explained the executive.

Pottencial, like all other companies in the market, was taken by surprise by the pandemic. For 2020, the company had expectations for economic changes in Brazil that, consequently, would cause changes in Pottencial’s results. “When the covid arrived, we thought our plans were going to fall apart, everything was new, but we also knew that with the crisis comes the opportunity”.

Using the premise of taking advantage of the crisis, the insurer adopted some measures and decided that it would implement a change in culture. “We paused the launch of some products and started a change in our culture. We created a crisis and opportunity committee and established some objectives in it 1: to get out of the pandemic stronger; 2: facing the crisis in a spirit of reinventing itself; 3: keeping customers and thinking about the user experience and 4: keeping our employees’ jobs ”.

“We put our client on the pedestal, he is the focus, we called our brokers to help us in this process of transforming the company, we guaranteed that the potential was up to date with everything that was happening in the world”, explained Tatiana.

Already moving towards the end of 2020, Tatiana explained that the results obtained by the insurance company could not be better. “We are emerging from the strongest crisis and we have grown more than 12% in the year, compared to last year. We are very happy to see that the path we have built is working, ”said the executive.

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