Pottencial Seguradora accelerates investments in technology

Leader of the Brazilian ranking in guarantee insurance since 2017, Pottencial Seguradora is accelerating the implementation of projects and investments in the face of new demands and needs generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Among the novelties, the launch of customer and broker portals. “For us it is essential to ensure that everyone has quality, agile and instant service, that is why we launched the Customer Portal and we are remodeling the Broker Portal. This channel will be one of the access points for quotations for all our products. There, the broker will also be able to manage all the business he has with the Insurance Company ”explains the company’s president, João Géo Neto.

The focus is entirely on making technology an important ally in these new times for Pottencial, which is also a Gold Sponsor of the “CQCS Innovation Latam”, whose next stop will be held on October 22, at 5 pm, addressing the theme “ The challenges of distribution in the new normal ”.


In this context, the company was a pioneer, being the first insurance company to close an agreement with a registrar – B3 – to register its operations (as of November, the Operations Registration System – SRO, comes into effect, initially in the guarantee branch, the company’s flagship business).

João Géo Neto informs that this agreement was the result of “four hands” work, with the insurance team leading the development of models that will be used. “We are 100% ready to pass the information to Susep through the SRO”, assures Géo.

According to João Géo, the pandemic changed several routines of the insurance company, starting with the new way of working. The change turned out to be favorable. “We can be at all locations remotely. Home office work also facilitates more frequent contact with all brokers and partners. There were also changes in the quality of life of our team. Many people took up to an hour in traffic to get to the office. We are monitoring changes in work relationships and, seeing a positive result in the home office model, that is why we are evaluating the possibility of adopting the ‘hybrid flex” model, notes the executive. He adds that distance training programs are being carried out, taking advantage of the existing tool, Universidade Pottencial, in the HR area.

There was also the creation of a committee that, initially, was “of crisis” and, now, has become “of opportunities”, with daily online meetings of the board, in the early morning. This new routine aims to minimize one of the internal problems caused by the pandemic, which was to worsen the interaction between employees. “This interaction is very important.

Pottencial also highlights advances in product offerings. In view of the new demand created by the pandemic, Real Estate Insurance is being launched. “This launch was already planned, but we accelerated to meet very high demand, as people are more concerned with their homes,” explained the executive.

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