Pottencial CEO tells what changed in the company with the pandemic

Gold sponsor of CQCS Innovation Latam, which will take place on November 19, starting at 5 pm, with simultaneous translation into Portuguese and Spanish, and one of the main players in Brazil in the guarantee market, Pottencial Seguradora is a reference in insurance innovation. The company is recognized for its agility in adopting new solutions and for always being attentive to global trends. During the pandemic, it was no different.

“The pandemic accelerated innovation within Pottencial and also across the insurance market. Our entire claims process is now online. We finished with the paper ”, says João Géo Neto, CEO of Pottencial.

According to the executive, an important change was remote work. “Before, there was a certain resistance because the person was not in the office. Now, we are doing selective processes online, for new employees and the home office has become a reality ”, he says.

João Géo Neto highlights the role of the insurance broker in this scenario: “Today, in Pottencial’s operation, we see how important the presence of the broker is and, at the same time, of technology, which is fundamental to create opportunities. Technology does not replace the broker, but brings tools to improve our solutions and the experiences we offer. That is why CQCS Innovation is so fundamental. It joins the broker, who is the largest insurance distributor in Brazil today, with technology, both essential for the success of an insurance company in our country ”.

If you want to stay on top of the main news and trends in the insurance market, do not miss the last stop of CQCS Innovation Latam, will be present for the debate mediated by Gustavo Doria Filho, founder of CQCS: Caribou Honig, Chairman and co-founder of InsureTech Connect; Edson Franco, CEO of Zurich Brasil; Tatiana Mattar, Director of New Products at Pottencial Seguradora and Evandro Salles, CFO at Quiver Soluções. To sign up, simply access the website: cqcsinnovation.com

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