Most complete budgeting system in the market is Gold sponsor of CQCS Innovation Latam

Cilia, the budget system for insurance companies and workshops, is one of the Gold sponsors of CQCS Innovation Latam, which will take place on July 23rd. With the theme “Pandemic’s impacts on the health insurance market”, the event is scheduled to start at 5 pm and will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese and Spanish. The July stage of the CQCS Innovation Latam is part of a total of six meetings, which takes place from June to November.

Simple and intuitive system, focused on usability and people, Cilia adopted measures to adapt to the pandemic. Daniel Barbosa, Operations Director, explained that the first and most immediate action was adaptation. The entire staff were put to work from home office.

“Other actions were also taken, such as the creation of daily routines, where each employee reports the day’s planning and what was produced the day before. All through video calls. Some customers have requested flexibility in payments. On this point, the possibility of this being allowed is under study, since the pandemic was relevant for us too, as it reached our billing significantly, ”explained Daniel.

Daniel also pointed out that a significant increase in production was observed in all areas, which surprised the company’s management. The executive stated that barriers are being broken and the paradigm that a company must follow the traditional style is being overcome.

“The new scenario opens up views for a more hybrid company, enhanced by focused labor and a lot of technology. The new scenario is favorable for a better quality of life for employees and, as a result, the increase in the company’s production ”, he explained.


The event will be attended by Lior Baruch, M.D., an executive in the insurance sector, managing healthcare networks in Latin America and the Caribbean; Flavio Bitter, director of Bradesco Saúde and Victor Navarro, President of Global Excel Latin America and Insurtech of the Month will be Player’s Health, which will be represented by the CEO and founder, Tyrre Burks.

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