Insurtech manages health risks in sport and ensures longevity for athletes

This Thursday, the 23rd, the second meeting of a total of six of the CQCS Innovation Latam took place. With the theme “Pandemic’s impact on the health insurance market”, it counted on the participation of Player’s Health as “insurtech of the month”, represented by Tyrre Burks, CEO and founder of the company.

In the Player’s Health presentation, Tyrre Burks revealed that the pandemic affected the entire sports sector, which forced his company to redouble efforts to create the safest possible environment for athletes, in addition to supporting various sports organizations.

As an athlete who had to leave football after an injury, he stressed the importance of the policies and protocols followed by these organizations, including risk analysis and insurance policy, in order to avoid future risks. “Their focus is on the athlete’s performance and protection. With the resumption of games, the most important thing is to bring athletes back safely. Prevention is a challenge and our platform helps with management, ”he said.

Now with the pandemic, Player’s Health offers support for the return of sports activities. “Tracking is being carried out to verify which athletes had contact with covid-19 and if they have symptoms, prevention is a challenge and our platform helps in this management”, he emphasized.

Burks recalled that cranial concussions are common injuries in football and the digital platform instantly checks reports and players are focused on recovery. “We work with injury prevention and I had an injury that ended my career. We follow a protocol, we have a system to classify the main injuries and analyzes in a robust application. We also have investigators who investigate complaints. To ensure that coaches offer the best experience for athletes, ”he explained.

On the scalability of the Burks business, he revealed that it is possible to replicate the company’s experience on a global scale. “We are having an interesting experience in the United Kingdom and we have 6,000 registered athletes in Canada and we believe in the global potential”, he bets.

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