For Icatu, the legacy of 2020 is constant improvement

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus poses challenges for companies and people, but it also leaves many lessons behind, of course, of opening up good opportunities in all business segments. The insurance market is no different. Icatu Seguros, for example, took advantage of this period of social isolation and developed strategies to further facilitate the routine of the teams, speeding up the processes so that, at the end, the client had the least impact.

In an interview with CQCS, the company’s Corporate Vice President, Alexandre Vilardi, spoke of the importance of investments in technology, training of teams, remote training of its sales force and the expansion of digital self-service channels and solutions in online sales. He also highlighted the insurer’s prospects for 2021 within this new reality. Icatu Seguros is one of the sponsors of the sixth and last stop of the CQCS Innovation Latam, which will take place on November 19, starting at 5 pm and will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese and Spanish.

For the executive, the advancement of the coronavirus triggered a process of change in society – from the economic scenario to social relations. People quickly adapted to the digital reality, which causes major changes in business and people relationships. The fact that an invisible and unknown virus has reached all continents has caused the population to perceive the risk and uncertainty and to reflect on ways of protection, either from their own health or financial life.

“Icatu Seguros is attentive to the changes that the world, and in particular Brazil, have been experiencing, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the scenarios that are designed for the post-pandemic. Life has shown itself to be more fragile this year, which results in more affective connections and the search for more information on financial planning, given the time when global economies were forced to step on the brake of many projects and investments ”, says Vice President of Icatu.

He recalls that the search for security meets the company’s purpose to assist and protect people at all stages of their lives. “More than contributing to reflection, at this moment, we have been looking for different solutions in life, pension and capitalization, whose objective is complete protection and, in a way, a stimulus to financial education, aiming at the sustainability of policyholders. This is possible, for example, because Icatu is a broad pension marketplace, with more than 300 funds and has 90 of the best managers in the country, who bring a flexible and customized product portfolio to every type of customer profile. Digital channels and the APIs portal integrate this entire process ”, he points out.

An important differential in the modernization of processes is the work of the Innovation Laboratory of Icatu Seguros, which carried out in-depth research that resulted in a mental map of life insurance and pointed out the main reasons that guide the decision to contract or not insurance. Alexandre Vilardi emphasizes that it is necessary to understand that insurance does not become important only in an extreme situation. Despite the fact that insurance is still very much associated with death, in 25% of the existing coverages today they can be used in life. Within this scenario, the company works with two innovative products, the Horizonte and Equilíbrio Life insurance – based on American Life, which can be enjoyed by the consumer in life.

“It is the appropriate combination of protection and the possibility of forming a financial reserve to take advantage of during the life of the insured. In these cases, the amount of the indemnity paid for life insurance can be used in several ways, maintaining the existing financial standard or even for the rehabilitation of the house, in case of special needs ”, he ponders.

Another important role of insurance is the focus on financial education in which brokers play a leading role because they are closer to policyholders. “Our challenge, as agents of social transformation, will be to keep this awareness active after all this is over. Therefore, it is important that all process agents are connected: insurance company + customer + broker. Because of this, Icatu has made constant investments so that its sales force is supplied with all the relevant information in all areas of operation ”, he reinforces.

Vilardi points out that, recently, Icatu Seguros has expanded the benefits of its platform aimed at training and qualifying its brokers, Educatu. “The technological upgrade allows brokers to access from anywhere – through smartphones or tablets – the content of more than 40 professional training courses and the news that the company makes available to its sales force. In short, providing flexible and innovative solutions to meet these new demands, contributing to form a country where more and more people are assisted and financially protected at all stages of life, has been the purpose of Icatu Seguros. It is never too much to remember that the insurance industry is constantly evolving in its role of offering security in all scenarios and for all risks ”, he concludes.

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