For Caribou Honig, Covid-19 accelerated transformations in the insurance sector

President and co-founder of InsureTech Connect, the world’s largest insurance innovation gathering, Caribou Honig sees the Covid-19 pandemic as a milestone for the insurance market. In the view of the American entrepreneur, who participated this Thursday (19th) of the sixth and last stop of the CQCS Innovation Latam, the coronavirus accelerated transformations and “threw some certainties in the trash” of the professionals working in the sector.

He defined this process as a platform change, something similar to what happened in the world with the democratization of personal computers and, later, smartphones. “Covid-19 affects not only business, but life as a whole, brings a change of platform. Now, we need to review the assumptions. It is necessary to create new products for things that did not exist before, ”said Caribou, who defined himself as an informed optimist.

Also a co-founder of HR Transform, a conference focused on the impact of technology in the workplace, and an independent advisor at several startups, the entrepreneur spoke about the role of insurtechs: “During the pandemic, we are seeing insurtechs building solutions for insurers and brokers adapt. At the same time, Covid-19 created opportunities for insurers, whose mission is to bring new solutions to policyholders and brokers ”, said

During his presentation, Caribou, who is a partner at SemperVirens, a venture capital company focused on investments in the future of work, analyzed the behavior of consumers, cited the advancement of telemedicine and dark kitchens among the new product and protection opportunities and emphasized that it is a time of reinvention for Insurance professionals. “We need to think about what the New Normal is and what are the solutions for this scenario”, he concluded.

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