Flávio Bitter, Managing Director of Bradesco Saúde, tells what are his perspectives for the post-covid

Managing director of Bradesco Saúde, a leading health insurance company in Brazil, Flávio Bitter was one of the speakers at the CQCS Innovation Latam, which took place last Thursday, July 23rd. The executive spoke about the company’s perspective, in Brazil, and also about the legacy of the transformations brought about by the pandemic.

Bradesco Saúde is part of one of the largest conglomerates in Brazil and is present in more than 1,400 cities, with 3.6 million users. During the pandemic, the company already counted more than 15 thousand users hospitalized on behalf of Covid-19. “We imagined in the beginning of March, based on some scenario simulations, that we could reach a system collapse, in which we would not be able to serve all of our customers. But with the adherence of isolation measures by the beneficiaries, the population profile and the capacity for preparation and clinical management of the referenced network, it was possible to overcome the most critical moments ”, he explained.

Flávio explained that, in Brazil, there was a big difference in the proliferation of the virus, during the pandemic, especially in the last few weeks. “In the North, we have a sharp drop in transmission after an acute problem two months ago, but now we are stable. In the Southeast, we have a lower rate, it has passed the peak, but there is still a growth of cases in the interior of these states. And in the South and Midwest there are still growing numbers. This shows the difference in behavior in the regions ”, he analyzes.

Bradesco Saúde can also change its customers’ behavior when subscribing to digital platforms. No security site for the new coronavirus has recorded more than 500,000 visits. “The format for digital refund requests already exists. However, with social isolation, 87% of all orders started to be placed through the application ”. Flávio said that Bradesco was also able to integrate assistance services into the Bradesco Saúde Digital platform. “With a click, you can speak to a doctor. With relationship changes and CFM authorizations, the doctor can prescribe and help our users ”.

With regard to the future, Flávio shows some projections of what he believes will change when a pandemic, in fact, ends: “We were able to get used to the home office and webinars. I think this will be normal and everyday. From an economic point of view, we are going to face a recession, or it will lead to prioritization of spending and better choices. If the point of view of health, the memory of the pandemic is shown as the importance of health insurance, this is something that guarantees security. In addition, a telemedicine is here to stay and will be a great legacy for the system ”, he concluded.

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