Director-General of Bradesco Auto / RE highlights important features to attract and retain customers in Auto insurance

The general director of Bradesco Auto / RE, Ney Ferraz Dias, was one of the participants in the fourth stop of the CQCS Innovation Latam, held this Wednesday (9/30). The theme of the meeting was “Car insurance for the next generations” and had the participation of Carlos Ricci, Head Motor Solutions & Transactions Swiss Re; Bill Powers, founder and CEO of Cambridge, a telemetry company that dominates 60% of the world market in this product and has achieved the feat of receiving $ 500 million from Citybank; and Leonardo Lobo, CIO at insurtech Cilia.

An experienced executive, in his presentation, he spoke about the probable legacies of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Brazilian insurance market. “Today, people feel safer in their own vehicles than in shared cars. It is not something definitive, but it can happen at other times and we need to be aware ”, he analyzed.

Ney Dias also highlighted the role of the insurance broker in the market and recalled that today, 85% of the policies issued pass through a professional in the category. “The generation that hires insurance today is comfortable with the support of the broker. He is a consumer who wants more and more convenience ”, said the executive.

The general director of Bradesco Auto / RE cited some of the most important benefits for policyholders today and which must continue to be important characteristics to attract and retain customers. “Looking at our base, we see clear trends. The insured sees value in aspects such as 24h assistance, windshield repairs, extended warranty, minor damage coverage, scheduled maintenance. Anyway, everything that brings more convenience ”, he pointed out.

In the executive’s view, there will be many technological changes in the coming years, which will cause transformations in the sector. “From now on, brokers must be risk consultants. And not just in auto, but in different branches. It will be a more comprehensive role ”, he commented.

Asked about telematics, Ney Dias did not hesitate: “I believe it will be an important component of the market, but there will still be other ways of pricing”.

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