Company that works with exponential technologies is a partner of CQCS Innovation Latam

Rokk3r is a Silver sponsor of CQCS Insurtech Innovation, an event that will take place on July 23, starting at 5 pm. The meeting, whose theme is “Pandemic’s impact on the health insurance market” is the second part, of a total of six, that will take place until the month of November. In addition, participants will have simultaneous translation into Spanish and Portuguese.

Rokk3r, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, has developed a series of measures to preserve the quality of service to its customers. Hilário Itríago, Managing Director of the operation, explains: “We decided that there was an important niche to join and help customers with their immediate needs. A good example of this is the remote telemedicine offering that we quickly moved to offer and implement ”.

The executive also pointed out that these changes have already had some effect. “An important number of customers are providing solutions that they did not plan to offer anytime soon this year, and their position in the market has been extremely well received,” he said.

Hilário also stated that the pandemic presented a new scenario for business. “We are aware of a much more digital set of resources and opportunities for companies and an acceleration of solutions for customers who are now adopting digital solutions faster than ever before.”


The CQCS Innovation Latam was created with the objective of maintaining the hub built by CQCS Insurtech & Inovação. This time, the meeting will welcome Lior Baruch, M.D., an executive who works in the insurance sector, managing healthcare networks in Latin America and the Caribbean; Flavio Bitter, director of Bradesco Saúde and Victor Navarro, President of Global Excel Latin America and Insurtech of the Month will be Player’s Health, which will be represented by the CEO and founder, Tyrre Burks.

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