Company specialized in damage assessment and risk assessments supports the CQCS Innovation Latam

EDR Inspeções e Sinistros is a company that operates throughout the national territory and specializes in determining damage and assessing equity risks. The company is one of the partners of CQCS Innovation Latam. The next stage of the event, which will take place on July 23, starting at 5 pm, is part of a total of six meetings, which will take place until November and will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese and Spanish. Registration for the event is now open and can be done at the link:

Founded in July 1995 to provide technical services for the regulation of claims in the fields of automobile, property risks and civil liability, EDR put into practice some actions aimed at offering better safety conditions to the entire team.

“We did informative talks and care reports with Covid. We put 98% of people in the home office and distribute masks and alcohol gels. The few people who are in offices have received instruction on protocols to work at the company and are maintaining a distance of 2m between them. The office hours were also changed so that people do not have access to public transport during rush hour ”, explained EDR director, Maurício Vieira.

The measures taken by EDR were effective and had positive effects within the team. “The idea of ​​these actions was to avoid contagion by the team and to protect the customer from possible service interruption. In this sense, the actions were successful, since of the 270 employees, only 3 were contaminated ”.

Maurício also pointed out that, given the new scenario created by COVID19, some changes have already been identified in the insurance sector. “In this new scenario, we believe that a large part of the digital surveys will continue because in certain situations the risk is low and comes with a low cost and great agility”.

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